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Here is a price list of our most common procedures.

Please contact us if you require an estimate for any other procedures.



Standard Consultation               £51.00
Follow-up Consultation              £40.00
Microchipping                             £23.00
Dog Grade 1 Dental                   £314.00
Cat Grade 1 Dental                    £221.00


Bitch Spay                                £260.00 to 340.00
Dog Castration                         £180.00 to 230.00
Cat Spay                                   £150.00
Cat Castration                          £90.00


Dog Vaccination Course           £80.00
 Cat Vaccination Course           £80.00
Dog Vaccination Booster          £55.00
Cat Vaccination Booster           £55.00



We accept payments by Cash, Cheque (with cheque card), Mastercard or Visa, and Switch.

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